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Review of Nutrihub Webinar - An Integrative Approach to Migraine Management  
  Posted in Latest News on 13 Apr, 2022

This webinar was presented by Dr Elisabeth Philipps via on 15th March 2022

Review of Institute for Optimum Nutrition's Short Course on Children's Health  
  Posted in Latest News on 21 Feb, 2022

Nutrition for Children’s Health: Practical assessment and approaches for improving brain, immune and gut function

Review of Lamberts Webinar - Nutrient Focus: Cinnamon  
  Posted in Latest News on 25 Oct, 2021

This is a great webinar presented by Lorraine Nicolle. It was a reminder of one of the basic supplements that often get overlooked with the introduction of numerous products that are newer to the market ...

How well do plant based alternatives fare nutritionally compared to cow’s milk?  
  Posted in Latest News on 01 Oct, 2021

A 2018 study, published in the Journal of Food Science Technology has compared cow’s milk to almond, soy, rice and coconut milks.

Honey ‘laundering’  
  Posted in Latest News on 01 Oct, 2021

A report by the European Parliament on the most faked foods found honey to be ranked in 6th place . . .

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