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Membership is available at Full (practising or non-practising) at £95 per annum, Associate level at £60 per annum, Student level at £30 per annum and Affiliate level at £50 per annum. Application details can be found on our memberships page.

Full Membership is for practitioners who have successfully completed a recognised professional training course in:

  • a) Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy – as provided by one of the training providers listed on the Education & Training pages.
  • b) Nutritional Therapy – information about training providers is given on the Education & Training pages.

Associate Membership is for those who have successfully completed the Natural Healthcare College Nutrition Advisors course (stage 1) or the Classical Kineisiology Course.

Student Membership is for students of naturopathic nutritional therapy or nutrition advisor.

Affiliate Membership allows access to the Natural Medicines Database and is for those GNC members who have another verifying body other than the NNA or others (who are eligible) at a  £50 per annum fee.

Benefits of being a member

Examples of our many benefits for our members:

  • Members are eligible for professional indemnity insurance cover with Wellbeing Insurance ( for more information.
  • Access to free webinars and other CPD activities
  • Full members are entitled to use the designatory letters MNNA and may appear on the Association’s Register of Therapists.
  • Associate members are entitled to use the designatory letters MNNA and may (if they want to) appear on the Association’s Register of Nutrition Advisors.
  • Full and Associate members will be entitled to special discounts and promotions from a number of related suppliers.
  • Members are entitled to discounts of up to 50% on certain CPD events.  Please refer to the entries on the CPD Opportunities page for further information.

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Applying for a New membership or upgrading your current membership

The NNA is pleased to welcome as members well trained Nutritional Therapists and Naturopathic Nutritional therapists. Applicants will need to demonstrate they meet the standards of the NNA with regard to training and must work within the National Occupational Standards and Core Elements. Applicants should be able to demonstrate a naturopathic approach to health care.

Membership type available are, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist (£95 per annum), Nutritional Therapist (£95 per annum), Tutor membership £40 per Annum), Non-practicing nutritional therapist (£95),  Associate Membership (£60 per annum), Affiliate level (£50 per annum) and Student Membership (£30 per annum). 

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Upgrading your membership to full or associate level membership

If you have recently graduated but have a current student or associate level membership you need to login to your NNA account and apply for a new 'full' or 'associate' level membership.  You will need to have appropriate insurance, character reference, diploma and ID ready to upload.  Pay the rate applicable for the membership you are applying for and then email us at to explain that you have applied for a new membership level and that you need a refund (worked out pro-rata on the number of months remaining) on your student or associate level membership. Please include your bank details so we can action the refund.   Your new membership will then be active for 1 year from that point giving you access to resources and allowing for full CPD activity to be completed.

Renewing Your Membership (at the current level)

If you're looking to renew your membership, please see below.  If you have had student membership and now want to apply for full or associate level membership please do not renew.  Apply for a new full or associate membership.

> Renew your membership.

Make your event CPD approved with the NNA

Register your event with the NNA to become CPD approved.

Mentoring at the NNA

Our successful mentoring scheme, with monthly Skype calls helps recent graduates and final year nutritional therapy students to set up in practice, build up confidence and hone their clinical skills.

Find a Therapist

Search our NNA approved therapists database and find your nearest therapist.

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