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Shevonne N., CNM Student

Shevonne N., CNM Student

  Published to Testimonials on Jun 28, 2017

“The NNA mentoring scheme has been a blessing in disguise, it’s pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone which is exactly what I need to prepare for professional practice. The big bonus is that being part of a small group of people who all want you to do well, and who support and encourage you, in a totally non-judgemental way, and sharing experiences with each other makes me feel that bit more stronger. I truly believe that if you surround yourself with positively driven individuals, some of that awesome energy will rub off, so where best to get it than from a network of like-minded individuals? The NNA mentoring scheme has been the most constructive help I have had so far from a membership body, and they really care about my development as a practitioner and our industry.”

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