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 Alliance for Natural Health Online Course

Alliance for Natural Health Online Course

  Published to Upcoming Events on Dec 04, 2019

The package includes:

  • Complete video footage of the ANH-IntlPractitioner Toolkit Conference including the workshop, guiding practitioners in how to use the information to create an individualised, targeted protocol. You will also learn how to use the test results combined with the timeline & matrix 
  • 380 page PDF workbook, which includes 2 client full case studies, their test results and expert interpretations of the results
  • 5 x 1 hour post-conference webinars with the experts, diving deeper into the profiled tests. These include two webinars with Meleni Aldridge and Rob Verkerk as they review the client protocols with an explanation of the nutritional protocols that centre on keto-adaptation for metabolic flexibility, plus further comments from Dr Verkerk on making more informed supplement choices. Ben Brown also reviews the prescriptions of the case studies exploring how we determine appropriate food supplements, therapeutic doses, treatment duration and potential contraindications
  • Further supporting resources

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